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Right click debian builder / installer

A new Option in the context menu of folders.

This registry entry adds a new option to the context menu of folders: the option to build a Debian archive out of the folder.

For this you need to have downloaded wpkg and saved it to "C:\Program Files\wpkg" as "wpkg.exe". In case you didn't do so you may change the wpkg location in the registry files according to your location.

Follow the download link below and extract the archive on your computer. Execute "wpkg_build.reg" to add the entry to your context menu.

For removal of the entry simply execute "wpkg_build_remove.reg".


Included the file "wpkg_install.bat". When executed it adds the option to install a debian-Archive when right-clicking on it.

The file "wpkg_install_remove.reg" is created when executed and is meant to remove the option when executed.
This extra might get an own page soon.

wpkg Download (English)

Download (English)
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